How Long Must You Use The Spin Bike To Start Losing Calories?

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Fitness gurus and health buffs will always set aside a certain amount of time everyday to exercise and this should be done religiously if you wish to burn off calories and maintain a fit and healthy body. However, the question in a lot of people’s minds is how long does one need to exercise each day to properly burn off those unwanted fat? Take the spin bike, how long do you need to utilize this great exercise equipment to properly burn the right amount of calories per day?

There are numerous studies out there that state varying results. Some would say you need to spin at least 70 minutes per day to burn 300 calories and above while others state that you really don’t need to put that much time each day. To help you determine the right duration we have listed several factors that you should consider in order to create the best spin bike exercise plan to suit your lifestyle.

Having Effort Counts

The amount of calories burned will vary depending on the person. The more effort you give to spinning then the higher the calories burned. For a beginner it is best to simply focus on enhancing the endurance and the flexibility of your body. The calories burned will come naturally after that.

Remember that not everyone will be using the spin bike the same. Athletes will obviously be spinning at a much higher pace while beginners will need to take it slow. The calories burned will fall on three factors: duration, intensity of the exercise and weight.

Do Not Overexert Yourself

One of the most common misconceptions about exercising is pushing the body way over the limit. While pushing yourself past your limits is okay, it should only be done occasionally as you might cause more damage than help towards your body.

Stick to your workout routine and steadily increase the intensity over time. Do not force your body to a workout routine that it is not accustomed to. There are several types of spin bike exercise routines you can choose from and it is best to start from the bottom and work your way up whenever you feel your body is read to ratchet up the heat.

Eat Nutritious Food

Think of this as your body’s fuel before and after a round at the spin bike. Obviously, you will need energy to complete your workout routine and afterwards your body will feel quite drained so refueling with the correct food groups (green vegetables and fruits) will help you regain your strength faster and help build up muscle.

Duration for a Proper Spin Bike Routine

Spin bikes are highly recommended and have gained quite a bit of popularity over the years. You can stick to a 30 minute workout routine and expect to burn about 600 calories. This is if you incorporate a moderate to intense spin bike exercise. We recommend starting out slow during the first week or so and increasing the intensity after. Not only will you be able to burn calories faster per day, your cardio will also get a huge boost in the process.

Simply put, the amount of time allotted to using the spin bike is just one factor of three that will determine how many calories you will burn. It will boil down to how intense the workout plus the duration and weight you are working out on. It is best to think about your safety first and foremost before trying out the more intense spin bike workout routines. They are called advance routines for a reason and should never be tackled by someone who is just starting out.

Spin bikes are extremely convenient when it comes to losing weight and enhancing your stamina. More and more people are using this highly effective exercise machine as it is quite user friendly and convenient to use. You won’t even need to go out of your own home to workout. It is recommended that you set aside an hour each day for spin bikes in order to get the results you are looking for and trim away those unwanted fat.

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