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Easy...? Chair - Probably not by today's standards of comfort.




The first truly comfortable seating form in the colonies was the wing chair, or "easy chair," as it was traditionally called.

Introduced from England around 1700, easy chairs were not found in parlors during the 18th century, but instead were placed in bedrooms. The tall, winged back fended off drafts, and the down-filled cushion seat and upholstered frame allowed sitters to doze in comfort by the fire. 

Easy chairs were extremely expensive: Upholstering was a technique practiced by highly trained specialists, fabric was costly, and building the frames required skillful craftsmanship.

Few people in rural areas could afford the luxury of owning a chair made in this way. The easy chair was nevertheless in demand, and country craftsmen copied the form in wood or produced simple frame-and-upholstery versions. Although relatively unsophisticated, country easy chairs still helped keep drafts of the sitter's back. 

It's easy to see the foundation of the easy chair from crude wood to the finest fabrics of today!






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